Behind the Collection

Goodbye PNW Floral & Still-life Prints

2020 was a heck of a year, wasn’t it? Testing our patience, relationships, emotions – hit all the levels.

For me I had a new baby (He was born in October 2019), learning how to be a mom of two while recovering from a C-Section. My husband began to work from home – and anyone who has a spouse that is on the phone a lot, with two kids at home, lots of insanity.

But, what it did offer us was a chance to slow down. My husband travels as part of his job. This time, he was home to see many of the new baby firsts he didn’t get to see in person with my daughter. It gave us time to learn how to be a family of four. And it gave me chances to explore photography more.

Because of Covid – 19, many small businesses began to pivot into providing online opportunities. This provided me with new and exciting ways to better my craft. More and more photographers were sharing more behind the scenes than ever before. This provided many new resources out there. I was able to find new groups of like-minded individuals and it helped bring a new normal in the crazy.

But when you think you’re getting into the new rhythm – life throws a curveball at you.

My husband received a job offer in Denver, Colorado. Which began many conversations on what to do. We have moved many times before. We moved to the Seattle, Washington area from Denver, Colorado after getting married 5 1/2 years ago. This was a familiar place and much closer to family than before. We had friends there already.
While we could not see them – being so far away often caused extra anxiety. But with 2 children who were born there and our full life there – was it the right choice? Finally, we decided, yes, yes it was.

That led to us selling our house, looking for a new one, and planning the biggest move ever.

But not without any sorrow. As I mentioned we had moved many times before – for me, I finally felt as if I was home. I had found a local flower farm that would help provide flowers for shoots and teach me the art of arranging. Nora was set to start school in the fall, we had friends that had kids born the same time as our son, Hugh. Things were happening. And then, we moved.

Each time we move, a little of that place sticks with me. For this move, Seattle’s rain, beautiful flowers, and gardens stuck with me. Not to mention the wonderful people that I met there that let me be me.

I will always be grateful for my time there.

The babies born there.

The first house there.

Seattle, you will always be a bit of home for me.

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