About my Minted X West Elm print, “Marguay”

November 3, 2021

Did I ever tell you the story behind my print in the first ever Minted X West Elm fabric collection? You know the one. This one!

Well, well. Pull up a chair. Let me fill you in.

When I was pregnant with my son, I was deep into watercolor painting. Every time my daughter napped, I worked on a piece or tried to learn something. And I loved it. Watching the water and paint mix and play on the paper. Swirl and move together and become whatever I was trying to create. I had always wanted to do watercolor but it wasn’t until I took this course (insert link) and watched @themintgardner that the lightbulb 💡 went on and I understood what my sticking point had been all along.

What had I learned? Watercolor isn’t as complicated at the basic level as it appears. The secret is, the water. The water rules the roost. The paint will go where the water is. Once I learned that, the rest of the techniques and details seemed to fall into place. Now, to be clear, I still have a lot to learn and lots more to practice. But understanding this basic detail, makes everything else easier to grasp.

On October 2, 2019, that all changed. Here came my baby boy Hugh and watercolor has been at a pause ever since. But this allowed me the chance to use other tools and explore other creative avenues.

As I had been entering Minted challenges and having new experiences, I pulled my talented friend and artist, Connie (enter link) into the mix. Minted had a new pattern challenge, and being trapped under a sleeping baby most days with my IPad with Procreate in hand, I decided to go for it.

After gathering some ideas for a men’s focused challenge, I made some quick doodles. (Enter other ideas) but ultimately, they didn’t place and I forgot all about them.

Approximately a year later, I got an email from the minted artists team asking for more information on my leopard print pattern. I know that sometimes past entries can be thought of as options for other opportunities but I didn’t really place much weight on it. Until 6 months later when I was contacted again and informed it was chosen for the first Minted x West Elm collaboration collection! I was so excited and proud that a pattern I loved was chosen.

If you had told me 5 years ago all that I would accomplish with my art or the opportunities and people it has brought, I would be surprised. But if I’ve learned anything, taking a chance and doing something that you love and putting yourself out there, can bring the highest reward of all.

What can you take a chance on for yourself today??